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20160403_152456Well, we made it. Our much wanted baby boy arrived in the world a couple of weeks ago, filling our hearts and completing our family. Obviously, I am completely biased, but I think he’s a beaut and am very happy with him – he can stay! S is enjoying being a big brother and we are all settling into life as a four, in between being woken and urinated on at regular intervals (by the baby, not my husband).

There will no doubt be more from me in due course on our new bundle and family dynamic, but while I wrestle with feeding a newborn while making both dinner and a tractor jigsaw (with the toddler, not just to challenge myself), I just wanted to update my lovely readers and say a big thank you for your support during our tougher times of loss and infertility.

I still can’t believe we made it here – so often I thought we never would and I am very aware how lucky we are. For anyone still travelling this road, I just want to say I will never forget, and you are never alone.

As quoted from a wonderful gift from my dear friend, ‘Sunshine always follows the rain’ and here is baby H, our little sunshine – welcome to the world – thank you for choosing us to share it with.


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4 thoughts on “Baby Meets World”

  1. Tara says:

    Congratulations on your gorgeous boy. I love a happy ending (or beginning depending on how you look at it). I need your gift for my blog header! 🙂

  2. Huge congratulations Yvette! So delighted for you and hope you enjoy your well deserved sunshine. He is so beaut!

  3. Congratulations on your little bundle. I’m still getting use to next to no sleep then having to run around after a toddler all day. :-). x

  4. Oh how have I missed his arrival. Massive congratulations – he is indeed a beaut. Enjoy every single minute – he has a lovely mummy xx

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