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Hungry EyesHere is my little twist on an undisputed Dirty Dancing classic – Hungry Eyes. Though it may not have originally been about vegetable-refusing tots, these lyrics (sadly) have a lot more relevance to my life than the first verison. The original is below courtesy of YouTube, for your listening pleasure. If you play it as you read you’d never know it wasn’t Eric Carman’s first choice of lyric…

I dedicate this to all the meal time battles currently raging around the globe. May your kids eat their carrots – or at least a piece of toast – as you bop along.

Ready? Let’s do this! And don’t put your baby in the corner, etc. etc.

I’ve been meaning to tell you,
I’ve got this feeling you’ll waste away,
Please eat something from your highchair tray
Let’s try it tonight
Now I’ve got some food delights

For your hungry eyes
I look at you and I ask you why
With those hungry eyes,
The food I serve you makes you cr-y-y-y?

I wanna feed you so hear me out
I wanna show you what good food’s about
You’re starving tonight
Now I’ve cooked this beef just right

You’ve got hungry eyes
So why reject this cottage pie?
Feed those hungry eyes
Please just eat for the hundredth time

For your hungry eyes
I’ve whipped you up something fab – no lie
Come on, hungry eyes
It’s only rice with some veg disguised

I need you to se-ee-ee
I’ve made a quite nice tea

Instrumental: shake it down, parents!

I’ve got hungry eyes
I’ll eat it then I have little pride
But your hungry eyes
Make me want to persist and strive

With those hungry eyes
You aim and throw – what a big surprise
You’ve got hungry eyes,
Okay, okay, I’ll make oven frie-ie-ies

Repeat to fade…

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15 thoughts on “Hungry Eyes – A Nod To The Fussy Eating Phase”

  1. katec1978 says:

    One word – genius! Love it! x

  2. Louise says:

    Brilliant! Was singing along all the way – and definitely agree with the last line about oven fries! 🙂

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks Louise! I can’t get it out of my head now… and have also done oven fries for tea! 🙂

  3. andthreetogo says:

    Hilarious and spot on! I love it!

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ah thanks Jenny! 🙂

  4. Superb! (Probably not the best time to mention that my two were always good eaters then?) Seriously though I often wonder why some children eat well and others are more particular?

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Personally I think it’s mostly down to luck! So long as people are offering lots of choice (and few don’t) I would say it’s mostly one of those things (barring allergies etc. which can make kids cautious with new foods). My son has previously been a fab eater so am hoping it’s just a phase… but I took no credit for his earlier, dustbin antics!

  5. Brilliant! Very clever indeed 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks Victoria and for your fabulous hosting 🙂

  6. Paul says:

    Its stuck in my head now and I love it, thank you!

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you! And sorry! 😉

  7. Beth says:

    Hilarious. Being on baby #6, i kbow this stagr is about to appear again in 6 months and wonder ehat it will be this time. Ive survived toddlers who will only eat circle food and green food (st pattys baby, at least the choices were healthy), toddlers who wouldnt eat white foid, messy food (girl), and one amazing toddler who ate everything (karma’s reward). Again, love this.

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks so much Beth! Wow, you must have seen a few things over 6 babyhoods 🙂 Fingers crossed you’ll have found yourself another ‘eats everything’ tot! That’s so funny about the green food, I’m nervously anticipating what ‘rules’ my son is going to go for next!

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