How To Use Essential Oils for Colds

A sore throat, a nasal congestion or a cough could visit you at any time and under circumstances whether the climate is hot or cold. For those who always the problem in their nose like the nose allergy or the weather allergy, they will feel uncomfortable.

In this situation, using essential oils is one of the best remedies to keep your respiratory tract away from the allergic issues under the weather. Is it tricky to use the essential oils, for colds and flu?

Conventional treatments for cold and flu symptoms

Before knowing how to use the essential oils for colds, you should recognize the cold and flu symptoms and some traditional treatments to tackle the issue.

If you have a headache, a sneezing, a fever or a cold, a pain in the muscles, then these manifestations could refer a cold or a flu disease. Once you have gotten the cold or the flu symptoms, you should alleviate these states as follows

  • Take the acetaminophen or ibuprofen tablets to reduce the fever or the pain in the muscles;
  • Get the decongestant medicines to reduce the congestion and the nasal passages;
  • Gargle the salt water to kill the bacteria, germs and virus in your throat;
  • Drink hot tea, chocolate cup, honey and cinnamon to decrease the sore – throat state;
  • Eat chicken soup to cut down the inflammation;
  • Eat fruits that have many vitamin C to boost your immune system;
  • Take the echinacea herb and zinc lozenges to prevent the potential symptom of the cold

How to use the essential oil for colds and flu

In fact, you could create the methods of the essential oils such as the bath blends, the massage blends, the aromatherapy, the diffusers, the oral application, the steam inhalation as well as the hot and cold bandage.

The steam inhalation

With the steam inhalation, you could drop a few drops of the essential oil in a pot with water or a bowl as well.

Then, you take a towel and cover all of your head and face like a tent in that pot or bowl in a few minutes.

Keep a distance (about ten inches) between the essential oil and your face to create a space to steam it easily.

In this time, you should breathe through your nose slowly and close your eyes at the same time. Repeat this movement in each of two minutes only.

On the one hand, you also drop the essential oil in a cotton ball or handkerchief and gulp clearly. You ought to inhale the essential oils from your pillow and undertake this remedy home before bedtime.

The bath blends

With the bath blends, you mix from two to twelve drops of the essential oil in a table spoon to the water bath.

Then, you enjoy the bath with full of the essential oil remedy. This treatment is ideal for those who always take a bath to relax.

However, please keep in mind that you should not stay in a bath longer than 30 minutes as you could get cold and flu again.

If you get a headache, then you would get the peppermint oil into both sides of the temple to decrease the pain.

The aromatherapy and the diffusers

With the aromatherapy and the diffusers, you might take the essential oils by burning or mixing it with foods and beverages depending on your styles. Do not forget to ask the advice from the physician to get the right solution.

The oral application

You are able to drop some essential oils to treat the cold and the flu, but you need to check the state of the essential oils which are safe and pure or not.

Drop the essential oil in the hot tea cup, chocolate cup or your foods to enjoy the flavor of the oil and foods at the same time.

If you do not want to use this method, you would take the capsule or drop the oil under your tongue as well.

Safeguard points to draw attention to before apply the essential oil treatment

Once you know the essential oil remedy to reduce the cold and flu symptoms, you should ask the advice from your doctor or practitioners who have a licensed natural health.

For those who have a pregnancy, you should evade the rosemary and clove bud essential oils. On the flip side, if you have the problem with epilepsy or hypertension, then you could not use these oils.

Essential oils with a sour note are hypersensitive and phototoxic you should use these oils in a limitation.

Bear in mind that you need to have a trying test of the essential oils before using a new essential oil to make sure that your body could not be allergic to the ingredients of the essential oils.


Now, you know the impact of the essential oil to your cold and flu state as well as how to use the essential oils. The essential oil treatment is not awkward to undertake and apply if you understand the ingredients of the essential oil and ask the advice from your doctor to make a certain home remedy.

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