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While I’m absolutely no Bap the Baker, and while this blog is so far from a Pinterest Palace it’s not even funny, we’ve recently needed to adapt to being dairy and soya free thanks to the baby having a potential intolerance. ¬†And I have spent far longer than I would like searching for stuff to make that is, 1. quick and simple, 2. not full of sugar and 3. doesn’t taste like sadness and defeat.

So I thought I’d put down some of my staple finds that are easy to do, suitable for babies and toddlers AND taste decent for adults. Feel free to suggest other recipes though, including your own. I’ve also linked to some useful recipes and sites I’ve found along the way.

dairy free soya free egg free baking flapjack easy baking vegan baking

easy dairy soya and egg free flapjack

Sugar free courgette cake – Dairy and soya free

Almond milk and raisin pancakes – Dairy and soya free

Mild and zingy chicken curry – Dairy, soya, gluten and egg free

Quick banana and oatmeal cookies – Dairy, soya, gluten and egg free

Leek and Potato soup – Dairy, soya, gluten and egg free

Cinnamon rolls РDairy and egg free. Inspired by these, I have also made a savoury version with egg, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms Рvery  tasty!

Lamb Burgers – Dairy and soya free

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