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totsnetUnequal Opportunities – AIBU?

Posted by NoNappyNoCry

I’m having the same issue time and again with my folks – I just can’t seem to get through to them 🙁 They keep insisting on a nappy change when I’m in the middle of something crucial, about one hundred or six times a day. I wonder how they would feel being frogmarched to a mat on the floor and stripped off while they were in the middle of watching Breaking Bad? I’m quite sure they’d make more than a mild protestation. Yet when I’m engrossed in an important Mega Bloks project, I’m just expected to roll over like an obedient puppy and wait to be tickled? I don’t think so, parents.

They say stuff like, ‘One more game then we’ll have a nappy change.’

Or, ‘Please lie down now as you’re starting to smell.’

Or even a fake jolly, ‘Why don’t we change your nippy-nappy-bum-bum? Yay!’ I know – so embarrassing.

However, when I want to do something, they fail to share the same desperate urgency much of the time. Like yesterday when I genuinely needed to go in my sandpit, they didn’t want to know. They were all, ‘It’s raining heavily… it’s nearly bed time… you played in it for two hours today…’ and other lame excuses. I tuned out after a while as I couldn’t stomach any more lies, plus it was sort of hard to hear over my screams and hammering on the patio door.

So how do I establish an equal division of power in the household? I’m tired of everything being on their schedule, plus, their interest in my bodily fluids et al. is bordering on obsessive – they clearly have too much time on their hands. I obviously always refuse the nappy change by means of ignoring, running away, and, if they catch me (they’re quite slow), make the actual change as awkward as possible by twisting, kicking, rolling and what’s that other thing..? Ah yes, screaming. Are there any further tricks to accelerate their understanding of my needs and make life a little easier though?

TBH, all this shrieking isn’t good for my stress levels but they currently leave me little choice.  WWYD?


SergeantToddler: Well firstly, YANBU, of course. If it makes you feel any better, a lot of our parents seem to have this same obsessive personality trait; highly annoying but unfortunately common. All you can do is keep up the good work, and maybe, one day, they will stop being so self-centred and see things from your POV.


ToySoldier: I agree – keep fighting the good fight – and remember: you are not alone! Good luck xxx


EasyLife: Has nobody here heard of pull-ups? They are so much better, my mum changes me while I’m undertaking my Mega Bloks work – they’re fabulous. You’ll find them in the nappy aisle – sling some in the trolley next time you’re over that way – some grown-ups just need a little nudge from us, that’s all.


TiredGal: It’s a YABU from me I’m afraid, is it really worth kicking up such a fuss over what could be a 60 second job? It sounds to me like you’re sort of thriving on the drama (sorry) and turning something simple into a 20 minute saga. Who’s winning here? Not you and certainly not your parents. I think you’re cutting your nose off to spite your face. Not literally, obvs.


ToySoldier: “TiredGal” – Are you a parent?? If so, kindly clear off to your own site and keep your sticky beak out. Jeez – is there no privacy anymore? 🙁


TiredGal: Of course I’m not! I just think, well, parents aren’t that bad. Give us a break… I mean them a break… you a break?

<whistles innocently>


NoNappyNoCry: Thanks for your help – I will keep plodding on then and hope they see the light.

“TiredGal” – Mum… is that you..? Shouldn’t you be working? Tut tut.


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5 thoughts on “Totsnet: The Nappy Change Saga”

  1. Morna says:

    This really cheered me up. Thanks for the laugh. I like easy life’s advice- that’s the way to go!

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks so much! Yes I think I’m going to take his (and others) advice next time we nappy shop – SURELY the battle will be easier with pull ups!?

  2. Carol says:

    love this….

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you! And my sympathies if this is something you relate to…

  3. Louise says:

    Lol, love it – think Sophie could have written this message – she’s such a wriggler when it comes to nappy changes! Love TiredGal chipping in and ToySoldier’s response! 🙂

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