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People flock daily to popular parenting forums to seek tips, advice and opinions on matters about life and their precious offspring – it’s popular stuff! If babies and toddlers used them, however, we might find them wrestling some particularly meaty issues…

Following on from the original Totsnet, this Am I Being Unreasonable sess’ is from the mouths of babes…

About Helicopter Parenting?

Posted by SmashingPumpkin

So, guys, I’d love your opinion on this as it’s causing a bit of a rift between my ‘rents and me. We just can’t reach a compromise! I feel they are stifling my need for freedom and using their superior physical powers to outsmart me all the time. Like yesterday, I was minding my own business, climbing onto the dishwasher door while my mum was putting the knives away (that she had quickly whisked out of my reach BTW – controlling!), and I saw a big beautiful glass that I thought might magically transform into a ball if I bounced it onto the kitchen floor. As it happens, it didn’t bounce, it smashed everywhere – it was quite a sight to behold! My problem is her reaction. She wouldn’t let me touch the smithereens of glass, she wouldn’t let me crawl over it and she wouldn’t even let me experiment with the rest of the potentially bouncy glasses in the dishwasher! She put me in my highchair while she swept it all up and then CLOSED the dishwasher. This is one example of many. Now, AIBU, or is she a total helicopter? (And not the good, exciting kind.)

To wake hourly?

Posted by SleepyJean

I don’t think I am being unreasonable, but thought I better check as my mum and I seem to be on different pages about this…

During the day, my mum and I have such a great time together! I have spent my first six months being cuddled, drinking a shedload of milk and enjoying a few silly songs and a spot of raspberry blowing. In short, it’s been bliss. I know you can all relate. So I started thinking, let’s have more of a good thing and make this a 24-hour party. I thought my mum would be delighted, but it turns out she’s not quite as enthusiastic as I expected at 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM and 4 AM when I wake to either drink milk, play or be rocked in the cold dark night for a minimum of ten minutes. I’d go as far as describing her as a bit grumpy. I’ve been consistent, waking hourly for several weeks now but she doesn’t seem to be adapting. At the moment I’m dealing with her resistance to fawn over me 24/7 by screaming furiously if she tries any of that shush/pat shit instead of a feed or cuddle. But is there anything else I should be doing? WWYD?

<p>baby on laptop<p>

To feel a bit patronised?

Posted by MoreThanABaby

My issue is simple. I love my parents but I feel like their behaviour towards me is nothing short of condescending. They speak to each other in normal voices, about normal things, without elaborate hand gestures or ridiculous over the top smiles. Yet when they turn to me, it’s all, ‘Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, can you clap your hands? Can you wave to Daddy? Who’s a clever boy?’

And I’m like, ‘Firstly, get out of my face, secondly, what do you want from me? Clap or wave – choose – I’ve only got one pair of hands! And thirdly, are you talking about me? Am I the clever boy? Because you sound like you’re conversing with a parrot, not a human. Jeez, back OFF!’ At least, that is what I’m trying to articulate but it mostly comes out as drool and disinterest. How can I let them know their behaviour is offensive?

To hate toys?

Posted by PollyPutTheKettleOn

Is it just me, or does anyone else fail to be impressed by the heap of gawdy, loud plastic tat pressed upon us by our clueless families? The other day my dad gave me a toy television remote – a toy one! It looked nothing like the real article, sang stupid songs which had nothing to do with TVs or remotes – like ‘sunshine today, cloudy tomorrow!’ – WTF? And then today my mum gave me a pink and purple tea pot WITH  A FACE on it and encouraged me to pour PRETEND TEA into a cup.  Meanwhile, she seemed to think she would trot off and make herself a real cup of tea and drink it. There is so much wrong with that woman I just don’t know where to begin. Obviously, I soon put her straight; she did not get to make herself a tea.

So am I being unreasonable to think that toys are a total waste of money and that we would all be better off if I were allowed to play with the actual TV remote, my dad’s iPod and the kettle and mugs? Where’s the danger in that?

To throw my food?

Posted by Bananarama

I don’t know if it’s me or if my mum and dad are just being precious. Allow me to explain. My ‘rents make me breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and sometimes I eat like it’s going out of fashion, wolfing it down and shouting for more. But I’m 9 months old so don’t tend to be too consistent with these things – I’m all about learning what I like and this can change in a matter of seconds – exciting! So sometimes, instead of eating my Weetabix, I spit it out, scoop it up and rub it all over my hair. I’m sure it’s very easy to remove so in no way a hassle, though. Similarly, while I may gorge on sweet potato wedges some days, others I think, ‘What’s the point? What is the point of this stupid food that can’t decide if it’s a carb or a vegetable?’ and I really feel l have no choice but to sling it across the room, And if it hits my brother on the head, well, so be it.

They seem to take it so personally though, like the chicken I just slung back at them took effort to prepare, or something. They mutter things like, ‘You’ve got to eat!’and ‘You can’t survive solely on banana!’ But then they give me a banana anyway, because I think they are desperate. Who’s being unreasonable here? It’s them, right?

Any suggestions for these bambinos? And more importantly, are they being unreasonable? Leave any advice in the comments!

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