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yvette lamb infertility family parenting blogWe had our littlest christened two weeks ago, a lovely day with family and friends, celebrating our little boy.

Though we feel so lucky to have reached the end of our infertility journey since his safe arrival almost a year ago, we will never forget. And, actually, we would never want to. Because although we have happily – and very fortunately – been able to move on from what was often a really crap time, I think it’s nice to occasionally reflect on things and how our family came to be.

So I penned this short thingy – I’m not quite sure what to call it – and our good friend read it for us in lieu of a traditional reading. I wanted to acknowledge where we had been and how wanted our precious last baby was, from way before he fell into our arms.

So, to our little H, in case you should ever forget… you could not be more wanted, and you could never be more loved. Keep shining on.

The Brightest Star

“Once there was a little star.

It shined brightly in the sky each night and slept in the day.

People down below would wish upon the star, placing their hopes upon it, praying it might deliver their dreams.

One family longed for a star of their own. They waited and wished, daring to hope one would fall from the sky and into their arms, making their family complete.

But the time wasn’t right, and nobody could tell them what the future held.

All the while, the bright beautiful star shined on.

‘We wish for this star more than anything else in the world,’ they thought. ‘And if we have to wait, we will wait. Many of the best things in life don’t come easily. Our love is big and strong enough to hold on.’

So hold on they did.

Then one day, quite unexpectedly, it was decided the bright and beautiful star had paid its dues to the sky and the earth and to all the people who had wished upon it.

It was time for him to find a home – a family – a place in the world that was meant just for him.

And so he started to fall.

At that same moment, there was a twist in the family’s tale, a new chapter in their story. The star they longed for was heading their way, their hopes transforming into a reality they hadn’t always dared imagine.

You might say it was meant to be – part of God’s great plan – because some people belong together. And this beautiful little star radiated a light so bright, he lit up the family’s world, their hearts bursting with gratitude.

He had landed safely into their arms, where he would always belong, always be cared for, and always be loved – from the sea right up to the star-filled sky.”

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