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To my super mum on Mother’s Day, my fun and fab playmate
I’ve heard today’s for telling you I think you’re really great
Today you should have time for you instead of me, me, me
A concept I can struggle with, I’m sure you would agree

As you know I’m kind of little and don’t always make full sense
But you’re a mum because of me so I’ll throw in my sixpence
Although this day is marked as yours and you deserve a lie-in
To me you’re special all year through without you even trying

You play such brilliant games with me and make me smile like mad
You hold me when I’m tired and hug me when I’m sad
You give the bestest piggybacks; they make me feel so tall
And when we run I hold your hand and know I’ll never fall

You keep me fed and watered, even though I’m a fusspot
You know my favourite meals and snacks and make me them a lot
You crawl around at soft play and help me Hide & Seek
And it’s you I call for in the night if I wake and make a peep

I love the way you sing all of our songs ever so badly
You change the tune, forget the words and make me laugh quite madly
Don’t feel bad though, there’s lots of stuff you really do so well
Like cuddling up with favourite books – I love the tales you tell

I realise when I arrived, I turned things on their head
I wake you up too early and I steal your space in bed
I shout if I don’t get my way, my cries are loud and shrill
I’m a constant whir of energy and never do stand still

I refuse to put my shoes on, and refuse to leave the bath
And when you try to tell me off I try to make you laugh
You really want a cup of tea, yet play with me instead
When you’ve got plans for the evening I refuse to go to bed

But I know to you I’m everything and make your heart so full
I’m always entertaining – with me it’s never dull
I’ve changed the way you see the world, I hope the view is better
And ‘cos you make mine really bright I’m writing you this letter

I’d like to yell to everyone that I’m so proud of you
Of all the kids and mummies there’s no one like us two
When you take me out with you we always have such fun
And I so love our quiet times just as the day is done

I’m glad for everything we share, the memories we make
I have the kind of bond with you no one could ever break
You’re there if I am sick or tired through every kind of weather
My favourite days in my small world are the ones when we’re together

Now as I’m not quite earning yet I haven’t got much money
But what I lack materially I’ll spend on you with funny
I can’t promise a restful day as that would be so boring
But I’ll make you smile from when I wake until I’m zonked and snoring

So Happiest of Mother’s Days with the biggest hug to you
Before getting back to mischief here’s one more thing that’s true
Remember when I’m older and these years have passed us by
I’ll still love you from the ocean all the way up to the sky

6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Poem”

  1. Harriet says:


  2. Oh I love this! My fave line: “what I lack materially I’ll spend on you with funny” Absolutely brilliant! Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day xx

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ah thank you! Hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day too xx

  3. Ann says:

    This is just brilliant – funny and clever. A.P. x

  4. Cheenu says:

    Love the poem!!!
    Sharing it with a link to your blog in my mother’s group

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