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mother and baby timeDisclaimer: This is not a ‘You must enjoy every moment as it passes by so quickly’ preach.

Enjoy every moment? Err, that’s realistic!

Like most, I know that I am so lucky to be a parent, and that the time I have with my son is as much a privilege as it is precious. However, I can also get lost in the stuff that surrounds and is part of being a mother, and the challenges which take my time and energy, and clutter our day to day lives.

Gratitude peppers my days with my little boy, like when I hear him belly laugh, or catch him mid-contented sigh; ordinary magic moments which make me so thankful. But of course, there are other moments too: when he screams over nothing or when he won’t sleep – or when he does both at the same time – that’s extra fun. During these times, deep appreciation can be nudged out of the way a little by stress, tiredness and impatience. And I am pretty sure that’s normal.

And then, even in-between the beautiful or trying moments, there are the times we just are.

Each day brings little bits of all of these things – there’s  both the testing and the treasured stuff – and sometimes there are just seconds between them. Or they may even overlap, which you will know all about if you’ve ever been part of an adorable tickle session gone sour.

Lately though, we’ve had a few reminders, for one reason or another, that we really do have a lot to be thankful for. It isn’t practical to just let go of everything else and fully embrace each moment, dance in the sunlight or ignore life’s difficulties and dramas. But some of the time, we can and some of those times, we should.

Because if we do, we might just have a blindingly lovely day…

Today we’ll do things differently, today is just for you
I’ve stopped the world from spinning round, today’s about us two
We won’t rush to get dressed or clean the breakfast from your face
We’ll linger with your favourite toys and take things at your pace

Let us give the shops a miss today and scrap doing the chores
Let me oblige and sing that song each time you tell me more
Let me pick you up each time you pull and ask me for a cuddle
And if I don’t attempt a million things, I won’t get in a muddle

And when we wander out today I won’t make you wear your hat
You can pause at every flower, say hello to every cat
If you want to you can walk about, even though it takes us longer
And when you’re tired I’ll scoop you up, ‘cos your love makes me stronger

You’re a million kinds of precious, and though I shouldn’t need reminding
I sometimes have to stop and think, but thanks to you I’m finding
That our lives are full of magic in between the other stuff
And what you give is all I need, love really is enough

So let us read an extra story, let us make a bit more mess
No worries that we’re running late, no calls to make, no stress
I’m going to try and see the world just like you do each day
As an exciting big adventure and a brand new game to play

My task today is not to clean or wash or tidy up
It’s to chase you ‘til you laugh out loud and beg for me to stop
It’s to play the silly games you love and take you to the park
It’s to be with you ‘til evening falls and the sky outside turns dark

Then I’ll carry you to bed tonight with a happy, tired yawn
And cuddle you for twice as long, just like when you were born
And if sleep does not come easily, tonight I will not mind
The world can wait, I’ll stay with you until your dreams you find

And tomorrow might be different as that’s just the way it goes
But whatever stuff life throws at us, I hope you always know
You fill our hearts up to the brim and make the dull seem new
You grow and laugh and share and love, and teach us all this too

Afternote: It would  only be right to share that, although this day was indeed wonderful, finding the time to write about it was slightly more of a challenge, thanks to my son hitting the mother of all bumps in the going to sleep when he should go to sleep department. So yes, you just gotta’ take the sunshine where you can!Big Trouble in Little Nappies facebook

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20 thoughts on “For Today”

  1. Louise says:

    Such a beautiful poem – it is so lovely when we can stop and enjoy those moments although as you say, life can be a bit of a bumpy ride at times and it isn’t possible to enjoy every moment – some of them are incredibly challenging and testing although the beautiful moments make up for them 🙂

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks Louise. Yes, so true. Every lovely moment more than makes up for five stressful ones. It’s definitely not realistic to bask in every nappy (ugh!) but so nice when you can take some time out and just have fun together 🙂

  2. It was lovely. 🙂 Just as I write this comment here my body is being treated as a highway for running cars but today is that day when I let him be and have fun.

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you and ahh, mums definitely do make good highways / tracks. Have a lovely day with your fun little boy! 🙂

  3. Your poem has just made me cry and I’m off to collect my daughter from pre-school in a minute so they will wonder what’s wrong!! Lovely, lovely post and love your new look blog. x

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Sorry Laura! Hope you managed a quick spruce up and a mental slap around the face before you left 😉 Thank you so much – the blog was a right faff to move over but am pleased I did it! x

  4. Emily-Jane says:

    Just lovely! Totally right of course. Thanks for reminding me of the good stuff.

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ah, thank you! Felt slightly nervous about such a fluffy post, but decided it’s probably okay to be sincere now and again 😉

      1. Emily-Jane says:

        Yes exactly right. Especially when you can right such lovely poems!!

  5. Tinuke says:

    What a beautiful poem, you’ve made me feel like a soppy cow, reading this on the train thinking of ways to just enjoy the moment tonight when I pick the little one up!
    Things aren’t always perfect but it’s so important to cherish those moments when we can xxx

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you! It was fairly unusually soppy of me, I’m not sure what came over me really 😉 Hope you had a lovely time back with your young buddy 🙂

  6. Fionnuala says:

    Beautiful! It helps to be reminded now and again to live the moment.

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Awe thank you! Yes, definitely good to *try* to sometimes. Obviously, it doesn’t always pan out (for me anyway!)

  7. amiecaitlin says:

    Absolutely love this. Beautifully written & so true.

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

  8. This made me cry, it is SO beautiful. Such wonder words that all mothers need to read. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks Victoria – such a lovely comment. It was lovely to join you again at Prose for Thought!

  9. cat says:

    Wow, this poem is amazing, brought a tear to my eye. I am so guilty of rushing through each day trying to get everything done…and have just received my final age related email update from baby centre as my girl is now 5. They grow up so quick..I will take your least for today!

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you 🙂 I think we are all exactly the same, and there does have to be more things in the day than play and cuddles… plus it’s good for the smalls to do their own thing too (that’s what I like to think anyway!) But yes, some days there is nothing better than scrapping everything else and going with the good stuff. I feel like I’ll look back so fondly on times like these!

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