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fun-410064_1280Right now the rain is selfishly pouring down outside, entirely unconcerned by our plans for an early September BBQ. But, on the plus side, there’s also a cosy feeling in the air and the strange excitement I get at the end of every summer; imagining a bright and crisp autumn with windy walks, evenings by the fire and dressing in warm yet stylish apparel.

In reality, I know it’s just darker and rains a lot, the fire is too expensive to linger in front of and my imagined stylish winter boots have holes in them. I’ll probably be fed up by October at the latest, but of course the Christmas hysteria will have begun by then so it’s not all bad… (Did I really just mention Christmas? Why would I do that?)

I hope you have all had a lovely, busy summer; ours entailed a trip to the Great British Seaside (yes, it rained and we all turned a bit blue after a quick paddle in the murky water), a million walks to the park and lots of laughs with the feral toddler and family and friends. Did anyone else accidentally lose their precious routine alongside their red spade? I’m blaming the summer breeze and Pimms in a can. I’m hopeful however ours will be back in place with a settled, sleeping tot by say… December..? Just in time to cock it all up again at Christmas. (Sorry, I’ve done it again – will just get my coat…)

It has also been a pretty good time for my freelance writing which is growing nicely and keeping me out of trouble and busy (who needs sleep anyway?)

babycentre logoI’m now blogging for BabyCentre – my first piece is on the Etiquette of Dining Out when you are a toddler – some great tips in the link for always ensuring a hectic, stressful and wine-spilling experience when visiting an eating establishment. You’re welcome.

2015-logo-colored-sept-15I was also across the pond with Mamalode in August, writing about Secondary Infertility and Loss, trying to explore the positive side to the hand fate can deal, and reminding mainly myself and also others that where there is love, there is room for optimism. I’m really pleased by the response to it and hope it continues to – in its own small way – help others who might be struggling.

scary-mommy-badgeAnd clearly it pays to stalk, as Scary Mommy have published three recent ramblings, the most popular (with over 90k shares!) and possibly my favourite of everything I’ve written being I Will Carry You, a nod to my growing child, who of course as we all know, will always remain a little baby to us parents. The others can also be found here – For Women Struggling with Infertility and Loss and Motherhood is Crossing Your Fingers.

I am of course still keeping Big Trouble in Little Nappies ticking over, and have some funny posts in the pipeline detailing the idiocies of trying to be a parent when you have no idea what you’re doing. There are also some great guest articles lined up over the next three months which I am really looking forward to sharing – talent and entertainment central, baby!

So adios fair summer, hello colder nights, and thanks all for checking in and catching up. Oh, and remember – on the plus side – bed times are going to be so much easier with the darker evenings… until the clocks go back of course – Damn. Blast. %£*#.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Round-up & Ramblings”

  1. This is amazing! But really well deserved. So impressed – loved the Mamalode post best of all 🙂

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks so much Ali! Sending autumn greetings your way… brrr 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Look at you go, lady! So pleased the word is out about your talent and insight – well done you. And happy autumn to you. I also dream of boots and stylish layers each year – don’t know whose wardrobe I’m imagining but it’s clearly not mine! We are heading into spring over here. Guess I’d better start thinking about shaving my legs again one day soon…

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ha ha – leg shaving is a definitely downside to the sun! It is starting to feel so cold already here, I’m looking forward to the benefit of an extra fur-layer 😉

      Thanks so much – small unsteady steps but we keep on plodding hey!

  3. Jenny says:

    This is so awesome! Congrats on all the shares and publishings! Great job!

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ah thanks so much Jenny! Small steps but good to be worming my way in so to speak! 😉 Hope you are well x

  4. Laura says:

    Also looking forward to the Autumn months but like you I’ll be fed up by October! Massive congrats on all of the freelancing gigs 🙂 living the dream lady! xx

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thanks Laura! It’s still early days and hard to predict what will or won’t get picked up for publishing but it’s definitely good to be making a little headway! Happy Autumn to you… have just put the heating on…

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