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Home / Toy Bonfire - August 4, 2017 , by yvettelamb

A poem about my deepest darkest fantasy…

The mother looked around, rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh
The clutter filling up the room could almost make her cry
She looked at all the books, the games, the eleven million toys
The big bright noisy plastic that is made for girls and boys

She longed to have a clear-out, to reclaim her home once more
To be greeted with space and calm when she walked back through the door
Her kids would not allow it though, they’d be quite broken-hearted
Last time they had a hissyfit and she’d barely even started

But in her head she allowed herself to have the biggest sort
‘I could even make a bonfire, and burn it all,’ she thought
She’d hear the begging pleas of Toot Toot as she threw the vehicles on
She wouldn’t stop ‘til every flipping noisy toy had gone

She’d smoke the bossy teapot and the piles and piles of bricks
The animals, the dinosaurs, the magic set of tricks
The stupid little pom poms and all the other crafts
And as it burnt right to a cinder, she’d give a manic laugh

Peppa Pig be silent, trains choo-choo no more
She’d even take the teddies, strewn across the bedroom floor
The play food and fake money which always made a mess
And chucking on the Lego would really be the best

Fisherprice and VTech could go and sling their hook
And she’d throw on the toy kitchen without a second look
Then the drum the keyboard, and all the paint and glitter
The house would look amazing when not strewn with sparkly litter

Finally the box of odd party bits and such
It started with a Happy Meal but now there’s way too much
Plus Fireman Sam – ironically – and Norman Price would get it
She’d show no mercy any more, she wouldn’t even sweat it

With a cunning glint in her eye, she smiled and looked around
But as well as seeing all the mess that lay across the ground
She saw a home filled with more than just this stuff
It burst each day with laughter, which she guessed should be enough

While the toys, they were annoying, and the mess it drove her mad
Her noisy home was happy so perhaps things weren’t so bad
She watched her children having fun, enjoying all their play
And supposed she’d have to leave the bonfire for another day…

Anyone fancy a communal bonfire? What do you say? Even if it is just in our minds… for now 😉

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