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I don’t make a habit of reviews, but didn’t hesitate when the lovely asked me to try out some of their nursing range from their online store. When I breastfed my first baby, I was consigned to a wardrobe of three stripey tops (why are all nursing tops stripey or flowery?!) and felt very restricted with what to wear, missing moseying around in my usual combo of leggings and dresses. I know there are other options out there, but I found a lot of the alternates – such as summer dresses or long sleeved tops – carried a hefty price tag which I couldn’t really afford or justify for clothes I wouldn’t be wearing forever. offer an extensive range of clothing options, designed with style in mind as well as practically. Hooray! The first item I selected was this dress (which is more tunic-like on me as I’m 5ft 8”), and is something I would happily have purchased pre-breastfeeding – to me it doesn’t look at all like a typical nursing top – while being easy to feed from, and providing ample space for a boob to be whipped out on demand. Priorities!


The material is soft and comfortable, and warm enough for these oddly cool days, but not too thick either – I get really hot when feeding. I can imagine wearing it in winter, either out and about under a coat or with a long cardigan. The colours are of course easy to match with anything – I’m wearing it here with jeggings, and it could be lovely with tights… but I don’t have the pins to carry that off!

My second – and favourite item – is this long sleeved top – something I found a real shortage of in the shops; so many breastfeeding ones seem to be in a vest or short sleeve style. I just love the heart design and – as silly as it sounds – feel just like me in it, rather than a breastfeeding mum. It’s comfortable and works with jeans, trousers or jeggings; my current favourite combination is with jeans and Converse. I guess my point is that so many of the nursing clothes I see are quite ‘mumsy’ and this feels very fresh and young… or as young as a sleep deprived 36-year-old with two kids hanging off her can feel…




The last item is this ‘skater’ style dress, which I have been wearing with leggings. It might suit those slightly smaller or braver than me more, as it ends quite high on the leg, but I do really like it and it is super comfortable – I perhaps just wouldn’t wear it on a windy day 😉 This item is hand wash, which is a slight pain (or perhaps I’m just lazy), but the other two can be machine washed. All three items wash really well and have retained their shape perfectly so far.


Image also do a range of baby items, and sent the littlest guy these cute ‘superman’ shoes and lovely set of three bibs, which have come in very handy seeing as he started teething at TEN weeks. I KNOW!


I’m really pleased with my new additions and in a world wear my body has been through the mill, I’m carrying some extra weight, and no concealer in the world can hide how tired I am, it is really nice to have some clothes that I feel like my old self in, while ticking the practical side of being able to feed easily in them.

And not a flower or stripe in sight!

* sent these items free of charge, and I agreed to writing an honest review on my site.

One thought on “ Nursing Clothes – Review*”

  1. Daisy Burton says:

    Lovely clothes. Its great to see new retailers popping up offering affordable breastfeeding clothes. It’s always been my bug bear that breastfeeding clothes tend to be dull and boring. I’ve been breastfeeding for 9 months now so know how frustrating it is to find nice breastfeeding friendly clothes.x

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