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Following on from the last Totsnet, more babies and toddlers take a turn at peer rants over parental fails. The following tales are based on true events…


About Overzealous Peeling?

Posted by BananaDrama

I’m still quivering with rage but will try and explain without getting too upset by the flashbacks. So I was given a banana today and – oh God I can barely bring myself to say it – my mum peeled back the skin 1/2 a centimetre further than I wanted her to… I KNOW! I don’t know how it all went so terribly wrong as she was acting so cautiously at first (this isn’t the first time we’ve had this issue). But then I screamed in anger as she hadn’t peeled it back enough – does she want me to eat it or look at it? So she took it from me and peeled it a bit more… cue more impatient screaming from me… then a bit more until it was just about perfect… and then she peeled it a tiny bit more… AAAGGGHHHH!!

That is a genuine impression of my reaction, together with kicking the sofa and rolling around the floor in a full blown rage for five minutes, obviously. I know nothing anyone can say can make this horrible situation disappear, I guess I just needed to vent with others who have been through and come out the other side. How do parents manage to get these things so spectacularly wrong? Will they never learn?


AIBU… Or do I have a lazy mother?

Posted By CarryOnKicking

I really need some advice as this has started to get embarrassing. I’m 3 years old, 32lbs, pretty fabulous. I rejected my pram a while ago, because, hey I’m not a baby you know, and I much prefer to walk like the grown-up girl I am. However sometimes – not that often – just about four times per trip outdoors, I get a bit tired and want to be carried. No big deal, right? My mum is being so difficult about it though and I really don’t get what her problem is. I ask / demand (same thing?) to be carried but she inevitably trots out clichés like, ‘I have my hands full of shopping’ or ‘I would have brought the pram if you’d let me’ or ‘My back is breaking and I can’t lift you any more’ – Y.A.W.N.

Because she is so unwilling to compromise, it leaves me zero choice but to lie down wherever I have stopped – usually in a supermarket doorway or by a pelican crossing – and scream my head off. FYI, I don’t particularly enjoy this, in fact, I sometimes worry how it might look if I saw one of my nursery friends; but at the same time something has to be done. I’m happy to report (in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue) that it is 100% effective and I am soon scooped up and carried away. My mum sometimes tries to pathetically prove a point by refusing to lift me straight off, but ultimately, she always cracks because my will is greater and also: I’m right and she’s wrong.

Ideally though, I’d prefer to avoid getting my hair dirty – especially in the rain. Can anyone think of a less dramatic way of resolving this? I want to behave maturely of course but it’s also really important that I get my own way.

Disregarding Daddy – Advice needed

Posted by BellyUp

Okay, so this is a bit of a complex one but I need answers. I’ve just had a to-do with my dad who, in my opinion, has displayed total disregard for my wishes and shown a complete lack of empathy for my plight. This is what happened: I yelled for a snack, which in fairness he provided (after some hoo-ha about how I should ask – ‘what do you say BellyUp?’ ‘Err… snack?’ …If only he listened the first time).

Anyway, I enjoyed the staple dish of 13 blueberries, but decided after I’d eaten them that I didn’t want them in my tummy. It was a total epiphany type moment but not in a good way. I’ve realised what an invasion it is to have foreign bodies (food) in my being. I tried yelling ‘No, belly, no, no, no, belly, belly, belly!’ whilst pointing at my stomach and stamping my feet – and looking mightily troubled – naturally; but my dad did NOTHING about it. In fact, he actually smiled as though I was some sort of performing clown and said, ‘Yes – berries in your belly – 1 2 3, gone! Good boy!’ What a loser.

So can anyone else help resolve this matter, seeing my own father doesn’t give a flying fig? I’m concerned about my fast approaching dinner time and need to know specifically how one can eat and enjoy their food without it ending up in one’s stomach. What do you think?

Help – Rubbish Mummy Issue

Posted by GarbageGuy

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Every Friday, my version of Christmas happens – the bin lorries arrive to collect the rubbish. This is a real cultural high and without doubt the best part of modern suburban living (I assume it was a big selling point when my folks decided to move here). The big lights on the lorry, the thrashing of its big clawing mouth and the way it scoops up the bins is majestic – I bask in its beauty. My mum enjoys it as much as me and we watch the collection every week – sometimes I even get a horn honk for my appreciation – it’s amazing!

The only fly in the ointment is, when it’s over and I excitedly demand ‘more, more, more’ my mum does not oblige. What is her problem? Why can’t she have the decency to magic up another bin lorry immediately with all the lights and gripping etc. for me? She’s always saying she loves me, but love is a verb, right? I’m left wondering where the proof of this apparently overwhelming emotion is, if she is unwilling to do this one thing – after all I really don’t ask for much.

To Sleep in the Rain?

Posted by UphillStruggle

Under-1 here, logging on for some tips from tots who might have been through this. I’m not a big fan of the whole sleeping thing generally which my parents seem to have a problem with – I don’t know what it has to do with them TBH – but I guess this pattern of interference in my life is one I should get used to. Anyhow, I do of course sleep sometimes and I’d say I’m pretty laid-back about it – being happy to sleep anywhere – so long as it isn’t too noisy, too quiet, too bright or too dark. Oh, and so long as I am in my pram and said pram is being walked, NOT just moved back and forth but actually walked – ideally uphill. My issue is that my folks have been trying to get me to nap in my cot, OR stay asleep in the pram when it’s not moving (WTAF!).

What’s more, I’ve been hearing irritated mutters about bad weather, them ‘catching their death’ and getting caught in lightning storms. This has all left me feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place – do they want me to sleep or not? The thing is, it will be summer in another 9 months or so, so it’s baffling to me why they can’t just shut up and put up until then, when I hear we get at least three days of sunshine over four months (plenty I’m sure). And the important thing anyway is that I have a rain cover so don’t really give two hoots what the weather is like. WWYD – stop napping altogether – would that be best?

Any advice for these desperate dudes? Or do they need to see things from someone else’s perspective… say their long suffering parents?! Feel free to chip in below or over on Facebook!

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16 thoughts on “Totsnet: Am I Being Unreasonable? (AIBU) Part Deux!”

  1. Kelly says:

    So true! My kid is very much the same with the rubbish trucks. I think the poor parents will be suffering for a bit longer! At least until these kids grow out of their weird ways 😉

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      I was actually talking to the bin man (incorrect term?!) today as we stood and watched them and he was saying how all little kids wanted it to be their job when younger then by secondary school they all walk past holding their noses… kids are rude! My son has not stopped talking about his encounter since though, re-enacting the ‘hello’ and waves he received – it must be our equivalent to meeting a celeb!!

  2. Finlay says:

    I was about your age when I decided my cot was rubbish. I too preferred to be in and my pram but eventually that got boring too. My advice is start kicking up a stink in the pram aswell. If you do this it will mean they have no choice but to put you in bed with them! This is great because there is more room to spread out and you can sit on your daddy’s head!!! Good luck

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Haha! Brilliant. Terrible / outrageous advice though Finlay, although admittedly 100% effective and just what I ended up doing with my toddler yesterday afternoon when he kicked up a stink at nap time. The silver lining was I got to have a little sleep too, although the toddler was of course slightly disappointed that there was no daddy present, who’s head he could bounce on!

  3. LOL….tots are troubles.

  4. Jeez, the standard of parenting is really in decline. Disgraceful what these tots are expected to put up with!


    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      I know – I feel bad for the babies and toddlers of today – shocking stuff!

  5. Silly Mummy says:

    This is a brilliant idea. So funny.

    (I do think banana peeling mummy was out of order though – how could she?!)


    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Thank you and oh I know – these mums – so many flaws!

  6. Talya says:

    I’ve got some funny images of toddlers with voice overs a la look who’s talking 2 in my head as I’m reading this…you totally need to take this to You Tube. In fact if I’ll take my Toddler Rap to You Tube if you take one of these to You Tube too! #FridayFrolics

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ha! Maybe one day..!

  7. TwinTownMum says:

    I want to behave maturely of course but it’s also really important that I get my own way! Ha ha! #FridayFrolics

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      😉 You know it’s what they’re thinking. Probably! Thanks 🙂

  8. I didn’t think it was possible, but these just get better and better. x Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Yvette Lamb says:

      Ah, thank you Claire! Thanks for hosting 🙂

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